Siamo esportatori dello stile italiano, un simbolo di raffinatezza e qualità


At fifty-something years old I can tell you that through my entire life I have found it hard to find someone to do good business with.  I’ve never thought I was asking for much.  All I ever wanted was someone to listen to what I wanted, to offer good advice if they had any to offer, to be fair in their prices, responsive to enquiries and to deliver what they promised, when they promised.  This has been such a rare experience that when it happens, I can’t tell you how much pleasure it is to write and compliment that person. This is one of those rare occasions.
I came across when I was searching for something a bit special for the house I was building, my last house and therefore all the more special.  Marco Bettini responded to my initial enquiry while I was still working, at about 9pm one night, and I immediately thought, “Wow, here’s someone I’m going to enjoy working with.”.  I was not disappointed.  Over a month or so of me constantly firing off different ideas and requests for prices, Marco responded rapidly and efficiently, always prompt, always polite, ever patient.
Planning to spend a great deal of money, I asked to visit with Marco and inspect the product first hand and so, accompanied by my friend and master builder, Bill, I travelled to Verona and spent a wonderful day in Marco’s expert company.  He was, as always, patient, courteous and keen to help.  I placed my order, I paid my money and my chosen marble and limestone arrived on the promised day, in perfect condition, cut precisely to the very exacting standards we had set.  I cannot recommend Marco Bettini highly enough and now I have the most stunning conservatory floor I ever wished for.  In Marco’s own words when I asked innocently, “Can you get hold of Blue Sodalite?”, he replied “Sodalite?  The rarest and most beautiful marble in the world?  .and the most expensive?  Sure I can!” 😉
He surely did and at the lowest price I found anywhere. It is truly one of my most favourite possessions in my house.  Talk to this man, if you love beautiful things and crave for the very best customer service, he will make you very happy indeed. Enjoy!
Robin Redmile-Gordon
Russ Hill Farm
Russ Hill

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